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International Freight & Shipping Solutions UK's frequently need to ship awkward, larger-than-normal or particularly fragile items overseas, and can have a tough time figuring out their parcel delivery requirements. Whether it's sending gifts to family in India, student moving after their courses, excess luggage to the Europe or United States when travelling or shipping a larger quantity of items for commercial reasons, our consultants help customers find the best, most cost-effective option. Our emphasis on customer service coupled with our huge global logistics network allows us to offer the most competitive pricing for door-to-door delivery abroad. Parcel2worldwide offers a range of freight forwarding options via sea, road and air, designed to deliver shipments quickly and efficiently to any address in UK, Europe, Middle East, USA and worldwide. With a number of delivery solutions available and the assistance of friendly logistics staff, our customers are easily able to find a shipping option that suits their requirements. This means we can assist whether they're sending off simple documents, excess baggage or large container loads. We provide express international air freight services that ensure the package is delivered to the desired address within 3- 5 business days. This can be ideal for excess baggage, important documents or sending gifts and other personal affects to loved ones overseas. Our ocean freight options are suited to bulk cargo or if the delivery is less urgent. Whatever the requirements, our staffs find the most cost-effective option for our entire client's. As one of UK's most trusted local and international couriers, we take every measure to ensure the safety of our customer's goods and our large logistics network allows us to charge lower rates than many of our competitors.


  India's Largest Courier Network – Now in UK

We are very proud to be incorporated with India's largest network logistic DTDC. Our highly experienced local team and with the support of biggest nationwide firms such as City Link, Parcel Force means speedy delivery to any address in UK and exceptional customer service every time. We are a cheap with good quality couriers in UK that helps our customers send everything from small parcels to specialised cargo. Our flexible options & discounted rates for IT employees, Bank's, Student, is what make us one of the most trusted courier companies in UK. Parcel2worldwide is a domestic and international courier, transporting your packages quickly and efficiently across land and sea. A leading logistics and transport company operating in UK, we have a substantial fleet of vehicles as well as a dedicated team that understand the importance of getting packages delivered safely and on time. Take advantage of India's largest courier network with Parcel2worldwide and DTDC.

  Parcel delivery options
As a genuine door-to-door courier, in UK we make delivering parcels as straightforward and simple as possible. Delivery anywhere in UK and to overseas countries including India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Middle East, Europe, Canada and the United States and enjoy the convenience of having the package picked up directly from your doorstep and hand delivered at the destination Parcel2worldwide truly redefines the meaning of end-to-end logistics.

Express courier
If you've got important documents or packages that need to be delivered urgently, Parcel2worldwide express service can more than accommodate. Overseas packages are delivered in person within 3-5 business days and the service also covers customs clearance both leaving UK and entering the relevant country. Our domestic courier service covers all of UK, Scotland, Ireland & Isle Of Wight and enables you to send documents and parcels all over the country.

  Excess Baggage  

  What is Excess Baggage?
Getting on an overseas flight out of UK is and has always been a time-consuming process. Hefty airport security, long lines (particularly at the Heathrow & Mancheter International Airport) and some of the worlds' most notoriously strict customs officials can make it quite a tiring and drawn out experience.

The last thing people need is to have the added stress of having overly weighty baggage that is too big to be checked in. This may mean removing some items from the bags to ensure they are below the maximum weight allowed. When booking an airline ticket to Asia, America or wherever the destination, it's important to go over the fine print and find out how much baggage weight that you can bring with you. Going over the limit attracts excess baggage charges, which can be quite hefty. If you're not prepared, you may find yourself having to repack your bags to ensure you're under the limit or in some cases ditch your belongings altogether.

  Cargo Shipping – Sea & Air

Parcel2worldwide range of services covers everything from mail delivery to international cargo shipping from UK to India, Sri Lanka, USA, Canada, UAE, China, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan , Europe, Middle East and Nepal. With a large fleet and distribution network that spans multiple continents across the globe, we provide inexpensive transportation logistics services that ensure timely shipping and competitive rates.

Parcel2worldwide cargo shipping services include:

• International air freight
• International sea freight
• Express services
• Customs cleared
• Bulk shipping
• Import and export
  Delivery Info  
  Express Delivery at Your Door

There are a number of overseas and nationally-based couriers that ship from UK to countries all over the world. What makes Parcel2worldwide different is that we deliver directly to the shipping address we are a genuine door-to-door courier operating on an international scale, providing air and sea freight services to India, Sri Lanka, Canada, USA, UK, Bangladesh, UAE, China, Mayanmur, Pakistan and Nepal. These are large countries; having to pick up a package from the airport can be very inconvenient and costs the recipient a great deal of time. Take advantage of DTDC's enormous global delivery network and speak to the logistics specialists at Parcel2worldwide UK's leading international courier.
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